Fish of New York

The original artwork for most images on this web site was prepared by Ellen Edmonson and Hugh Chrisp as part of the 1927-1940 New York Biological Survey conducted by the Conservation Department (the predecessor to today's New York State Department of Environmental Conservation). Permission for use of these images can be requested from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation by filling out a form available on the agency usage and policies web page

Additional information regarding image sources, species descriptions and related web sites is available below.

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Sea lamprey
Mountain brook lamprey
Silver lamprey


Atlantic sturgeon
Lake sturgeon
Shortnose Sturgeon


longnose gar




American Eel (picture only)


Blueback herring
Hickory shad


Black bullhead
Channel catfish
Brindled madtom
Margined madtom
Tadpole madtom
Brown bullhead (Picture Only)
White Catfish


Lake chubsucker
White sucker
Northern hogsucker
Silver redhorse (Picture Only)
Eastern Creek Chubsucker
Golden redhorse
Quillback (Picture Only)
Shorthead redhorse
Greater redhorse


Comely shiner
blacknose dace
blackchin shiner
 blacknose shiner
bridle shiner
common carp
common shiner
emerald shiner
finescale dace
golden shiner
sand shiner
brassy minnow
creek chub
hornyhead chub
lake chub
longnose dace
mimic shiner
northern redbelly dace
pearl dace
pugnose shiner
redfin shiner
swallowtail shiner
rosyface shiner
satinfin shiner
spottail shiner
Redside dace
Spotfin shiner
Tonguetied minnow
Cutlip minnow
Bigeye chub (Picture Only)
River chub
Eastern silvery minnow
Silver shiner
Striped shiner
Ironcolor shiner
Bigmouth shiner
Bluntnose minnow
Fathead minnow
Western blacknose dace


Round white fish
Lake whitefish
Brook trout
Lake trout
Steelhead (Rainbow trout)
Brown trout
Atlantic salmon
Coho salmon
Chinook salmon


Rainbow smelt


Eastern mudminnow (Picture Only)
Central mudminnow


Chain pickerel
Northern pike
Redfin pickerel (Picture Only)
Grass pickerel (Picture Only)


Pirate Perch (Picture Only)


Trout perch (Picture Only)




Banded killifish


Brook silverside (Picture Only)


Threespine stickleback
Fourspine stickleback (Picture Only)
Brook stickleback (Picture Only)


White bass
Striped bass (Picture Only)
White perch


Rock bass
Bluespotted sunfish
Green sunfish (Picture Only)
Longear sunfish
Smallmouth bass
Largemouth bass (Picture only)
Black crappie (Picture only)
Redbreast sunfish (Picture only)
Mud Sunfish (Picture Only)


Shield darter'
Blue pike
Channel darter
Fantail darter
Yellow perch
Iowa darter
Tesselated darter
Spotted darter
Eastern sand darter
Greenside darter
Banded darter
Variegate darter
Rainbow darter
Blackside darter
Longhead darter


Freshwater drum


Slimy sculpin
Mottled sculpin


This archive of fish images was developed with the assistance of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) and Cornell Cooperative Extension. Douglas Carlson (NYS DEC Watertown office) provided essential support by supplying scanned images of the original drawings, that are now stored at the NYS Museum. The graphics and webpage were updated by Mark Carlson, and the earlier versions of the pictures were scanned by Jason Hutton.

Image Sources:

Most of these images originated from artwork produced from 1926 through 1939 by two artists, Ellen Edmondson and Hugh H. Chrisp. Their work was sponsored by the New York Department of Conservation, as part of comprehensive biological surveys of biota throughout all New York watersheds. These paintings were an integral part of these surveys, hence their production was a team effort. While the artwork was usually the effort of a single individual, field crews collected, transported and maintained specimens alive until the artist and ichthyologist were satisfied that each painting was accurate.

Both artists performed preparatory studies of color, posture, and form using living fish observed under daylight, usually at the capture site. The photos at the top of this web page show them at work. On completion of these studies, the artists examined freshly sacrificed specimens for proportional and meristic detail. Illustrations were produced predominantly in watercolor, with delineation and highlights added using graphite, india ink, and white paste. A few portraits were produced in oil.

Several additional fish images (where noted at the bottom of each individual page) and all of the species distribution images were obtained from "The Inland Fishes of New York State" by C. Lavett Smith, published by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, 1985. This book can be examined or downloaded from the NYS Library. Some additional art came from the “New York Conservationist” and drawings of comely shiner, green sunfish and sand darter came from Smith.

Species Descriptions:

Species descriptions within the following web pages originated from C. Lavett Smith's "The Inland Fishes of New York State" and a Cornell Cooperative Extension publication, "Guide To Freshwater Fishes of New York", that was authored by Daniel J. Decker, Ronald A. Howard Jr, W. Harry Everhart and John W. Kelley in 1996. This publication is no longer available from Cornell Cooperative Extension, but copies may be available from on-line vendors.

Species Distribution Maps:

The species distribution maps were produced for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Fish Atlas Maps of New York and published by the New York State Museum in the Atlas of Inland Fishes of New York.

Related Sites:

An excellent fish identification web site is available through a collaboration between the University of Wisconsin Center for Limnology, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute. Although this web site is designed to provide assistance in identifying fishes found within Wisconsin, most of these species are found broadly throughout north temperate lakes and rivers in the northern and northeastern U.S. The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute also maintains an on-line version of Fishes of Wisconsin, authored by George C. Becker. This classic text, more than 1000 pages in length, was originally published by the University of Wisconsin Press in 1983 and has been out-of-print for over a decade. However, the entire book is available on-line. Many north temperate fishes are common to Wisconsin and the northeastern U.S., and species descriptions within Fishes of Wisconsin are comprehensive.

[This web site is maintained by Clifford Kraft, Cornell University]



SPECIES LIST                      



mountain brook lamprey*  Ichthyomyzon greeleyi

silver lamprey*                   Ichthyomyzon unicuspis

sea lamprey *                     Petromyzon marinus



shortnose sturgeon           Acipenser brevirostrum

lake sturgeon*                    Acipenser fulvescens

Atlantic sturgeon*              Acipenser oxyrinchus



longnose gar*                    Lepisosteus osseus



bowfin*                                Amia calva



American eel                      Anguilla rostrata



blueback herring*               Alosa aestivalis

alewife*                               Alosa pseudoharengus

hickory shad                      Alosa mediocris



cisco*                                  Coregonus artedi

lake whitefish*                    Coregonus clupeaformis

coho salmon                      Oncorhynchus kisutch

chinook salmon                  Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

round whitefish*                 Prosopium cylindraceum

rainbow trout*                    Oncorhynchus mykiss

Atlantic salmon                  Salmo salar

brown trout*                       Salmo trutta

brook trout*                        Salvelinus fontinalis

lake trout*                          Salvelinus namaycush



rainbow smelt*                   Osmerus mordax



central mudminnow*         Umbra limi

eastern mudminnow         Umbra pygmaea



redfin pickerel                    Esox a. americanus

grass pickerel                    Esox a.  vermiculatus

northern pike*                    Esox lucius

muskellunge*                     Esox masquinongy

chain pickerel*                   Esox niger



central stoneroller*             Campostoma anomalum

goldfish*                              Carassius auratus

redside dace*                     Clinostomus elongatus

lake chub*                          Couesius plumbeus

common carp*                   Cyprinus carpio

tonguetied minnow             Exoglossum laurae

cutlip minnow                     Exoglossum maxillingua

brassy minnow*                 Hybognathus hankinsoni

eastern silvery minnow     Hybognathus regis

bigeye chub                       Hybopsis amblops

hornyhead chub*               Nocomis biguttatus

river chub                            Nocomis micropogon

golden shiner*                    Notemigonus crysoleucas

comely shiner*                   Notropos amoenus

satinfin shiner*                   Cyprinella analostana

pugnose shiner*                 Notropis anogenus

emerald shiner*                 Notropis atherinoides

bridle shiner*                      Notropis bifrenatus

ironcolor shiner                  Notropis chalybaeus

striped shiner                     Luxilus chrysocephalus

common shiner*                 Luxilus cornutus

bigmouth shiner                 Notropis dorsalis

blackchin shiner*               Notropis heterodon

blacknose shiner*              Notropis heterolepis

spottail shiner*                   Notropis hudsonius

silver shiner                       Notropis photogenis

swallowtail shiner*             Notropis procne

rosyface shiner                  Notropis rubellus

spotfin shiner*                    Cyprinella spiloptera

sand shiner*                       Notropis stramineus

redfin shiner*                     Lythrurus umbratilis

mimic shiner*                     Notropis volucellus

northern redbelly dace*     Phoxinus eos

finescale dace*                  Phoxinus neogaeus

bluntnose minnow              Pimephales notatus

fathead minnow                 Pimephales promelas

eastern blacknose dace*   Rhinichthys atratulus

western blacknose dace*   Rhinichthys atratulus

longnose dace*                  Rhinichthys cataractae

creek chub*                        Semotilus atromaculatus

fallfish                                 Semotilus corporalis

pearl dace*                        Margariscus margarita



quillback                             Carpiodes cyprinus

longnose sucker                Catostomus catostomus

white sucker*                     Catostomus commersonii

creek chubsucker              Erimyzon oblongus

lake chubsucker*               Erimyzon sucetta

northern hog sucker  *        Hypentelium nigricans

silver redhorse                   Moxostoma anisurum

golden redhorse                 Moxostoma erythrurum

shorthead redhorse*         Moxostoma macrolepidotum

greater redhorse*               Moxostoma valenciennesi



white catfish                       Ameiurus catus

black bullhead*                  Ameiurus melas

brown bullhead                  Ameiurus nebulosus

channel catfish*                 Ictalurus punctatus

stonecat    *                         Noturus flavus

tadpole madtom                 Noturus gyrinus

margined madton               Noturus insignis

brindled madtom                Noturus miurus.



pirate perch                        Aphredoderus sayanus



trout-perch                         Percopsis omiscomaycus



burbot*                                Lota lota



banded killifish*                  Fundulus diaphanus

mummichog*                      Fundulus heteroclitus



brook silverside                  Labidesthes sicculus



fourspine stickleback        Apeltes quadracus

brook stickleback               Culaea inconstans

threespine stickleback*     Gasterosteus aculeatus



white perch*                       Morone americana

white bass*                        Morone chrysops

striped bass                       Morone saxatilis



mud sunfish                       Acantharchus pomotis

rock bass*                          Ambloplites rupestris

bluespotted sunfish*         Enneacanthus gloriosus

redbreast sunfish               Lepomis auritus

green sunfish                     Lepomis cyanellus

pumpkinseed*                    Lepomis gibbosus

bluegill*                               Lepomis macrochirus

longear sunfish*                 Lepomis megalotis

smallmouth bass*              Micropterus dolomieu

largemouth bass                Micropterus salmoides

black crappie                     Pomoxis nigromaculatus



eastern sand darter*         Ammocrypta pellucida

greenside darter*               Etheostoma blennioides

rainbow darter                    Etheostoma caeruleum

Iowa darter*                       Etheostoma exile

fantail dater*                      Etheostoma flabellare

spotted darter*                   Etheostoma maculatum

tessellated darter*             Etheostoma olmstedi

variegate darter*                Etheostoma variatum

banded darter*                   Etheostoma zonale

yellow perch*                     Perca flavescens

logperch*                            Percina caprodes

channel darter*                  Percina copelandi

longhead darter                 Percina macrocephala

blackside darter                 Percina maculata

shield darter*                     Percina peltata

sauger*                               Sander canadensis

walleye*                              Sander vitreus vitreus

blue pike*                            Sander vitreus glaucum



freshwater drum*               Aplodinotus grunniens



mottled sculpin                   Cottus bairdii

slimy sculpin                      Cottus cognatus


*Asterick denotes a species description is included within these web pages