longear sunfish

Longear Sunfish (Lepomis megalotis)

The longear sunfish is both restricted in its distribution and scarce in New York. It has been reported from the Lake Ontario plain and in tributaries north of Skaneateles and Oneida lakes. This sunfish reaches a maximum length of about 8 inches, 3 to 4 inches being average. It lives in clear, weedy streams, ponds, and bays and is reported to feed principally on aquatic insects. The small-sized longear sunfish is not an important panfish in New York.

This fish is considered threatened in New York State. For more information about the legal status of this fish, please see the North American Native Fishes Association at http://www.nanfa.org


Distribution of longear sunfish in NY state. Dark dots represent where actual samples of longear sunfish were taken. White dots represent historic distributions.

An image of the longear sunfish is also available for download.

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