Atlantic Sturgeon

Atlantic Sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrhynchus)

Atlantic sturgeon males mature at a length of 4 feet and 12 years old; females, at 6 feet and 18 years old. Females may release as many as 2 million eggs during spawning over a rubble bottom in running water more than 10 feet deep. Spawning runs begin in the spring, but actual spawning may not occur until July. No nest is built, but the adhesive eggs stick to rocks or logs on the bottom. No parental care is given the eggs or young. The young sturgeon hatch a few days after spawning. They may spend up to 4 years in fresh water before moving out to sea.

Recent studies indicate that a population of approximately 150,000 juvenile Atlantic sturgeon may reside in the Hudson River at any one time. This species is not currently fished very heavily; in the past it was harvested in large numbers and often called "Albany beef".

Atlantic sturgeon can reach lengths in excess of 10 feet and weigh several hundred pounds.


Distribution of atlantic sturgeon in NY state.

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