longnose dace

Longnose Dace (Rhinichthys cataractae)

Two common species of dace are the blacknose dace (R. atratulus) and longnose dace (R. cataractae). Dace are small fish (2-3 inches). Both species prefer small streams and are often found in the same stream. The longnose dace sometimes is found living in turbulent waters. Dace occur throughout New York.

From late spring to early summer, dace spawn in riffles over gravel and rubble where both the male and female construct a nest of small pebbles. After spawning, little parental care is given the eggs. Dace feed on all types of aquatic insect larvae, worms, and algae. They are sometimes used as bait and are quite hardy.


Distribution of the longnose dace in NY state.

A 115 KB image of the longnose dace is also available for download.

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