lake chubsucker

Lake Chubsucker (Erimyzon sucetta)

Chubsuckers are small fish, usually 10 inches or less, and greenish bronze colored. Their lips are not as fleshy as those of the white sucker.

Lake chubsuckers in New York are found in a few scattered locations along Lake Ontario and in one tributary of Lake Erie.

Chubsuckers usually spawn in small tributary streams in early spring. The male cleans a nest, or the nonadhesive eggs are scattered.

Chubsuckers prefer low-turbidity lakes and rivers. Like other members of the sucker family, chubsuckers are bottom feeders. Their diet is mostly insect larvae, aquatic plants, and tiny crustaceans.


Distribution of lake chubsuckers in NY state.

A 301 KB image of the lake chubsucker is also available for download.

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