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Cornell Courses Taught:

Global Seminar: Building Sustainable Environments and Secure Food Systems: FDSC 4800/IARD 4800/NTRES 4800/.

Industrialization has led to development pressures that have increasingly disrupted natural systems leading to widespread concerns about the long-term viability of important environmental services, including those critical to food security worldwide. This interdisciplinary course uses case studies to explore interrelationships among social, economic, and environmental factors basic to sustainable development. Cornell faculty members lead discussions in each of the major topic areas. In addition, students participate in discussions and debates with peers from other universities worldwide through live interactive videoconferences and electronic discussion boards. The institutions and faculty members involved in the 2013 Global Seminar course are:

The course is designed to challenge students to think deeply and creatively about critical issues facing our world in the 21st century and to share their perspectives with colleagues from around the globe.

Course Objectives:

1. To introduce concepts and approaches for developing sustainable environmental and food systems.

2. To examine complex environmental problems from an integrative, interdisciplinary perspective through the analysis of specific case studies.

3. To enhance appreciation and understanding for selected critical environmental problems facing all of humankind.

4. To provide a global perspective to these problems and their possible solutions by interacting within a global classroom context.

5. To gain confidence in applying specific knowledge and skills to complex problems.

6. To utilize collaborative education technology to more effectively achieve learning outcomes.

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