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Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Kassam, K-A, Golshani, Z., Krasny, M.E. 2018. Grassroots Stewardship in Iran: The Rise and Significance of Nature Cleaners. In Grassroots to Global: Broader Impacts of Civic Ecology. M.E. Krasny (Editor). Ithaca: Cornell University Press. 65-84.

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Kassam, K-A. 2015. Comment on "Revisiting the image of limited good on sustainability, thermodynamics, and the illusion of creating wealth" by P. Trawick & A. Hornborg. Current Anthropology, 56(1): 1-27. Comment is on pages 20-21.

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Dong, S., Kassam, K-A., Tourrand, J. Boone, R. (Editors). 2016. Building Resilience of Human-Natural Systems of Pastoralism in the Developing World: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. New York: Springer.

View table of contents

Kassam, Karim-Aly (Editor). 2010. Understanding Terror: Perspectives for Canadians. Calgary: University of Calgary Press.

View excerpt from the text (Front and back covers, table of contents, and introduction).

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Kassam, Karim-Aly. 2009. Biocultural Diversity and Indigenous Ways of Knowing: Human Ecology in the Arctic. Calgary: University of Calgary Press/Arctic Institute of North America.

View Entire Book

Kassam, Karim-Aly, George Melnyk, and Lynne Perras (editors). 2002. Canada and September 11th: Impact and Responses. Calgary: Detselig.

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Kassam, Karim-Aly and the Soaring Eagle Friendship Centre. 2001. So That Our Voices Are Heard: Forest Use and Changing Gender Roles of Dene Women in Hay River, Northwest Territories. Calgary: CIDA - Shastri Partnership Programme.

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Kassam, Karim-Aly and the Wainwright Traditional Council. 2001. Passing on the Knowledge: Mapping Human Ecology in Wainwright, Alaska. Calgary: Arctic Institute of North America.

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Robinson, Michael and Karim-Aly Kassam. 1998. Sami Potatoes: Living with Reindeer and Perestroika. Calgary: Bayeux Arts. (Translated and published in Russian 2000)

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Editorial and Letters

Joppa, L.N., Boyd, J.W., Duke, C.S., Hampton, S., Jackson, S.T., Jacobs, K.L., Kassam, K-A.S., Mooney, H.A., Ogden, L.A., Ruckelshaus, M., and Shogren, J.F. 2016. "Government: Plan for ecosystem services." Science, 351(6277): 1037. View Letter

Sayre, N.F., Kelty, R., Simmons, M., Clayton, S., Kassam, K-A., Pickett, S.T.A., and Chapin, F.S. 2013. "Invitation to Earth Stewardship" (Guest Editorial). Frontiers in Ecology and Environment, 11(7): 339-339. View Editorial

Introductions and Preface

Kassam, Karim-Aly. 2011. "Much is expected from those to whom much is given." Forward to G.
Melnyk & C. M. Sutherland, The Art of University Teaching. Calgary: Detselig.

Kassam, Karim-Aly. 2002. Preface to Frederick R. McDonald, Ancestral Portraits: The Colour of My People. Calgary: University of Calgary Press.

Invited Articles or Essays

Kassam, Karim-Aly "Why Do We Need Artists? A Meditation on the Relationship Between Religious Experience and Cultural Expression." Ismaili USA, July 2000.

Kassam, Karim-Aly "Civilizational Thinking: An Invitation to Participate." Ismaili Canada, July 2000.

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Kassam, Karim-Aly. 1997. "Clash of Civilizations: The Selling of Fear." Islam in America, 3(4): 8-15. View Article

Book Reviews

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Public Scholarship

Kassam, Karim-Aly. October 8, 2006. "Taliban's 'Clash of Civilizations' Distant from People of Pamir." Calgary Herald. Editorial Page (A10). View Article

Kassam, Karim-Aly. August 15, 2006. "Climate Change Adds to Hardship in Bartang Valley." Calgary Herald. Editorial Page (A10). View Article

Kassam, Karim-Aly. August 6, 2006. "A 'Stan' Whose People, Culture Remarkably Similar to Our Own." Calgary Herald. Editorial Page (A10). View Article

Curriculum Materials

Baumflek, Michelle, Clare Ginger, Marla R. Emery, and Karim-Aly Kassam. 2013. Rethinking Wild: Indigenous Plant Stewardship in Maine. View Lesson Plan

Baumflek, Michelle, Clare Ginger, Marla R. Emery, and Karim-Aly Kassam. 2013. Sharing What We Gather: Sharing, Medicinal Plants and Health Sovereignty in Wabanaki Communities. View Lesson Plan

Plant Stewardship Guidelines

Baumflek, Michelle, Karim-Aly Kassam, Marla R. Emery, and Clare Ginger in partnership with the Houlton Band of Maliseets and the Aroostook Band of Micmacs. 2013. Stewardship Guidelines for Culturally Important Plants: Four Examples. View Guidelines