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Dr. Kassam believes that students are not only consumers of information but producers of insights.


Seminar at Canadian Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan

Ways of Knowing: Indigenous and Place-Based Ecological Knowledge - NTRES 3330/AIS 3330/AMST 3330 - Graduate Section NTRES 6330

Indigenous Issues in Global Perspectives - AIS 1110/AMST 1601

Global Seminar: Building Sustainable Environments and Secure Food Systems - FDSC 4800/IARD 4800/NTRES 4800

Socio-cultural and Ecological Role of Diversity - NTRES 7330

Graduate Fields

Dr. Kassam is a member of the following graduate fields:

Teaching Materials for Research and Education

Rethinking Wild: Indigenous Plant Stewardship in Maine Lesson Plan - Grades 9-12

Sharing What We Gather: Sharing, Medicinal Plants and Health Sovereignty in Wabanaki Communities Lesson Plan - Grades 9-12

Stewardship Guidelines for Culturally Important Plants Topic Guide