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Pamir at border of Afghanistan, China, and Tajikistan

Dr. Karim-Aly Kassam is International Professor of Environmental and Indigenous Studies in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University. He is Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Resources and the American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program.

Recent Initiatives

New International Research Project: Ecological Calendars and Climate Adaptation in the Pamirs (1.2 Million Euros)

Earth and Space Science News: Villages Must Recalibrate Time to Survive in the Pamir Mountains

International Society of Ethnobiology Student Workshop in Kabale, Uganda

Seminars at the Canadian Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan


Photo credit: Jon Corbett


Ph.D. (Natural Resource Policy and Management with concentrations in Socio-Anthropology and Community Sociology) Cornell University, USA

M.Sc. (Social Policy and Planning in Developing Countries) London School of Economics, UK

M.Phil. (Islamic Studies) University of Cambridge, UK

B.A. (Economics) University of Calgary, Canada

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Ice Fishing Camp in Ulukhaktok

Awards and Appointments

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