Resource Income Opportunities on Private Lands Conference
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April 5-7, 1998 -- Hagerstown, Maryland

On April 5-7, 1998, the Natural Resources Income Opportunities on Private Lands Conference was held in Hagerstown, MD, to address the increasing interest of landowners and professionals in income opportunities related to natural resources and recreational access. Attended by 290 landowners and resource professionals from 23 states and the District of Columbia, the conference dealt with how to choose and manage a private land income opportunity while protecting natural resources and minimizing personal liability and financial risk.

The 288-page proceedings is divided into eight sections and covers the presentations made by 38 speakers, including landowners, consultants, Cooperative Extension staff, lawyers, foresters and others. Topics covered in the proceedings include: trends in recreation and policy, legal liability, marketing, evaluating the resource potential of your property, challenges, and management concerns, such as managing risk, insurance needs, estate planning, and taxes. Papers are included on specific enterprises related to recreational tourism, recreational access, and forest farming and utilization. They include: ginseng, maple syrup, custom sawmilling, fee fishing, recreational enterprises, aquaculture, hunting leases, forest guide services, and alternative forest products.

If you are a landowner or work with landowners interested in alternative income opportunities related to natural resources and recreational access, you should order this unique publication.

The proceedings cost $20 a copy, with four or more copies $17 each, and eleven copies or more costing $15 each. Make a check payable to the Washington County Extension Advisory Council, and send it to: Conference Proceedings, Washington County Cooperative Extension, 1260 Maryland Avenue, Hagerstown, MD 21740. (301) 791-1304. Below is a listing of all presentations in the proceedings and a complete order form. Please put this information in newsletters, email networks or other places you feel appropriate.

Proceeding Contents -

Scetion 1: Natural Resources Income Opportunities: Trends and Considerations * Natural Resources Income Opportunities in a Changing Landscape - * Trends in Outdoor Recreation and Implications For Private Land Management in the East - * Policy Directions Affecting Public Use of Private Land - * Overview of Legal Liability Associated with For-Profit Enterprises: Myths vs. Reality - * Marketing of Agricultural and Natural Resources Income Enterprises: Learning From and Sharing With Entrepreneurs -

Section 2: Evaluating Natural Resources Enterprise Options:  * New Enterprise Prefeasibility Assessment: Taking Stock in Your Natural and Personal Resources - * Natural Resources Income Opportunities: Considerations for Forest Owners - * Business Planning is Like Planning a Vacation to Disney World - Thomas G. Ford * Sources of Help for Income Enterprises -

Section 3: Natural Resources Enterprises Related to Recreational Tourism:   * Diversification Through Recreation: A Winner For Farms, Farm Families, and Communities - * Wildlife-Associated Recreation in the U.S.: Results from the 1996 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation and What It Tells Private Land Owners - * Developing a Forest Guide Service for Outdoor Activities - * Realities of Hunting Preserves and Sporting Clays - What You Need to Know - * Adventure Travel: Extraordinary Experience, Extraordinary Opportunity -

Section 4: Natural Resources Enterprises Related to Recreational Access: * Fee-Hunting Enterprise on Oakley Farm: A Working Farm in an Urbanizing County - * Developing a Hunting Lease: Considerations, Options, and Realities - * Managing Recreational Clubs - * Assessing Whole Farm Returns on Investments in Wildlife - * Using Farm Bill Programs to Improve Natural Resources Conservation,Recreational Opportunities, and Land Values - * Developing A Fee Fishing Operation: From Idea to Reality - Samuel Cool * Aquaculture Opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast -

Section 5: Natural Resources Enterprises Related to Forest Farming and Forest Utilization * Sustainable Use of Non-Traditional Forest Products:Alternative Forest-based Income Opportunities - * Growing Ginseng and Goldenseal in Your Forest - * A Primer on Producing and Marketing Maple Syrup Products - * Developing a Custom Sawmilling and Kiln-Drying Enterprise - * Managing for Sustainability by Marketing Commercial Timber Products –

Section 6: Forestland as a Sustainable Investment: A Panel Discussion  * Managing Forestland as a Sustainable Investment: A Landowners Perspective - * Tree Biology and Economics: These Are Not Choices - * Trees, a Growing Green Legacy

Section 7: Challenges to Address   * Real and Potential Income Opportunities for Riparian Areas - Ro * Nontraditional Income Opportunities for Forest Industry: Identifying New Approaches for Old Products - * Barriers to Recreational Access Opportunities on Private Lands –

Section 8: Managing Your Natural Resource Investment   * Managing Risk In Your Enterprise: Working Your Way Through the Legal Minefield - * Organization of the Natural Resources Business Organization - * Recreational Access To Private Lands: Liability Problems and Solutions - * Creative Estate Planning for the Land Owner - * 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act Impact on American Farmers and Ranchers - * Integration of Natural Resources Income Opportunities into Whole Farm Operations

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