Arranging a Timber Sale, Timber Sale Contracts, and Timber Stand Improvement - Jim Pitt - New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Bath, NY

Timber Harvesting

Timber harvesting is a potentially lucrative means of regenerating a mature stand of trees. For many woodland owners this opportunity occurs only once. When selectively harvesting mature sawtimber it is important to receive several offers for the same trees. To be assured of receiving fair market value, the following are recommended:

Timber Stand Improvement

Timber stand improvement (TSI) is an intermediate cutting made in an immature stand to stimulate growth of the trees that remain and to increase the total yield of wood fiber from the stand. Surplus trees are cut or killed in order to concentrate the potential wood fiber production of the stand on a limited number of superior trees. TSI may be accomplished with thinnings, cull removals, releasing juvenile trees, or an combination of these three stand treatments.

Situations When TSI may not be feasible

Ways to accomplish TSI

water bar sheet

boundary line sheet


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