The ForestConnect Forestry Internet Seminar Series uses web conferencing technology to provide research-based and unbiased information to forest owners and others interested in private forest lands management.

Broadcasts occur on the third Wednesday of each month, once at noon and a repeat live broadcast at 7:00 PM, Eastern time. Each broadcast is scheduled to run an hour, although questions and answers may take additional time. The noon broadcast is saved and may be viewed at this site using the links below.

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Learn at Lunch Webinar: Elms Are Back!

Date: Feb. 24, 2015
Time: 12 pm MST

Speaker: Dr. Bruce R. Fraedrich, Vice President of Research at Bartlett Tree Experts
Elms were once the dominant shade and street tree throughout the majority of the United States but the introduction of Dutch elm disease changed that.  Elms have been seldom planted in urban landscape in the last fifty years.  However, through intensive breeding and selection work, there are many desirable disease resistant and tolerant elms that are now commercially available.  This presentation will explore options for commercially available elm species and cultivar selections that are suitable for the landscape.  The presentation will include a discussion of species/cultivar susceptibility to Dutch elm disease, elm yellows and other pests.

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Sponsored by: USU Forestry Extension and Utah Department of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands

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