Eroded forest road due to poor planning
Best Management Practices After the Timber Harvest

Controlling access to a logged area

This web article explains how foresters and landowners can prevent trespass and reduce the likelihood of erosion after a timber harvest.

Traffic barriers and patrolling

There are several ways to prevent access to a timber harvesting site after the work is completed. With an opening to the road and possibly miles of forest trails, logging sites are very attractive to irresponsible recreationists.

To prevent dumping of trash, appliances, and other junk, build a mound at the point of entry. This makes it difficult for heavy items to make it back out of sight in your woodlot.

Build a gate or construct a visible barrier that warns potential trespassers to keep out of the site. Many logging sites have suffered from unauthorized motor vehicle use. Make sure the barrier cannot be avoided by driving around or entering from another point.

The only way to dissuade trespassers intent on using the site for revelry is by patrolling and enforcing your property boundaries. Unfortunately, more and more people are moving to rural areas, unaware of traditions and respect for privacy and property rights.

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Please cite source: Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2004
Written by James Ochterski, CCE - Schuyler County