Cornell Cooperative Extension helps forest owners

Cornell Cooperative Extension provides many resources and forms of assistance for forest owners, forester, loggers, community leaders, and others interested in the quality of New York's wooded lands.

Contact your county Cornell Cooperative Extension office:

  • Ask for advice about timber harvesting
  • Schedule a visit from a Master Forest Owner volunteer
  • Find out about upcoming woodland owner workshops and events
  • Get referrals for DEC Cooperating Consulting foresters
  • Find out more about soil and soil surveys
  • Identify potentially harmful insects and get recommendations about forest protection
  • Browse publications about firewood, wildlife, timber harvesting, chain saw operation, and erosion protection
  • Find out how you can assist other forest owners with training and information from Cornell Cooperative Extension's Master Forest Owner program.
The Cornell Cooperative Extension educational system enables people to improve their lives and communities through partnerships that put experience and research knowledge to work.
To find the Cornell Cooperative Extension office in your county, go online to
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Please cite source: Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2004
Written by James Ochterski, CCE - Schuyler County