Seminar in Agroforestry


NTRES 694.3

1 credit



Wednesday 10:10 11:00 AM

304 Fernow Hall


Suggest taking in concert with:


Hort/ Ntres/ CSS 416

Practicum in Agroforestry/

Forest Farming


For permission contact: Louise Buck,

Agroforestry Seminar
NTRES 694.3
Fall 03

Wednesday, 10:10-11:00
Fernow 304

1-2 credits, S/U

Instructor: Louise Buck
106 Fernow, 255-5994

This seminar will provide a forum for undergraduate and graduate students to gain familiarity with principles, practices and applications of agroforestry through self study, group discussion and individual or small group projects. The seminar group will meet bi-weekly to discuss a particular agroforestry practice and application. On alternate weeks students will meet in small groups and/or individually with the instructor to work on a case study project. Through these activities students will become familiar with applications and roles of agroforestry, and the status of agroforestry knowledge and information for addressing a variety of natural resources conservation and sustainable development problems in developed and developing countries.

The bi-weekly seminar meetings will be organized around a reading and/or a presentation. The focus of the initial session will be on Forest Farming in New York and the Northeast. Subsequent reading and discussion topics will be selected on the basis of student interest. The emphasis will be on applications of agroforestry in addressing a variety of land use and livelihood issues.

Individual or small group projects will provide opportunities for students to explore agroforestry practices and applications in greater depth. Students will construct case study simulations of problem situations that involve hypothetical characters who face land use or livelihood problems in particular settings. The activity will include identifying and organizing agroforestry information to assist the characters in the case in addressing the land use or livelihood problems that are posed. Bio-physical and social-economic-institutional dimensions of the agroforestry related interventions will be considered.

Examples of agroforestry applications that may be considered for seminar topics (group discussions and case study projects) include:

Hardwood forest management,
Improved fallow management,
Soil conservation,
Pasture enrichment or rehabilitation,
Carbon sequestration,
Non-point source pollution control,
Small farm sustainability,
Watershed management,
Specialty forest product development,
Integrated pest management,
Organic farming,
Poverty alleviation,
Energy development and conservation,
Protected area management.

The Seminar Group will meet on:

Sept: 3rd, 10th, 24th
Oct: 8th, 22nd
Nov: 5th, 19th
Dec: 3rd

Credit: For 1 credit student participates in each class, and contributes to written group case study project, or prepares individual case study project. For second credit student does one of the following, by agreement with instructor:
- Literature review and annotated bibliography on topic related to one of the group case study projects,
- Agroforestry plot design in concert with NTRES 416

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