Adirondack Fishery Research Program

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The Adirondack Fishery Research Program investigates ecosystem processes in lakes and streams throughout the Adirondacks that influence coldwater fisheries – with a strong focus on salmonine fishes, including trout, char, and salmon. Our research efforts are designed to provide recommendations for managing and restoring aquatic ecosystems. The program also provides educational opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students to obtain experience in conducting field studies within lakes and streams.

Cornell's coldwater fishery research efforts have historically focused on waters within the Adirondack Region of New York. Although this focus has expanded beyond the Adirondacks to include waters throughout New York State – thereby addressing coldwater fisheries issues relevant throughout North America – the Little Moose Field Station, located near Old Forge in the southwestern Adirondacks, serves as the field headquarters for research in the Adirondack Mountain region of New York. Cornell's Adirondack fisheries research efforts are conducted in collaboration with partners from other academic institutions, state and federal agencies, and private stakeholders. Our common goal is to sustain a research program that addresses important aquatic resource management issues in northern lakes and streams.