Location and Map of the
Arnot Teaching and Research Forest

The Arnot is located South of the Fingerlakes, in the townships of VanEtten and Newfield. Approximately 15 miles south-west of the City of Ithaca.

To download and print the following maps, you must have the correct application installed on your computer. For information on how to download (free!) the necessary software for viewing PDF files (Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Directions to the Arnot
Address to use for GPS, Google, etc.: 611 County Road 13, Cayuta, NY (do not include the zip code)

Boundaries are marked clearly with red painted blaze marks and corner posts. In addition, the interior of the forest is marked with a grid system that locates 37 individual "lots". Corners of the lots are marked by red painted posts with metal tags that identify the corner (for example "Lot 33NY"). By referring to the enclosed map you can easily locate your exact position at any lot corner.

It is suggested you carry the map, a compass, and a topo map (Alpine, NY) while visiting the Arnot.

Grid map of the Arnot Forest (online version, may take time to load)

Printable grid map

Roads, Trails and Stand Boundaries, topo map
           printable pdf

Roads, Trails and Stand Boundaries, aerial map
           printable pdf

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